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How to Efficiently Spend Your Time in a Co-Working Space

Spend Time Wisely

coworking_europe11-370x370Working in a co-working space in the DC area can be productive and engaging; however, it can be distracting and lack privacy. In addition, a co-working space can also require an adjustment; especially for those who are used to working alone. In order to efficiently spend your time in a co-working space, there are several things you can do that will help such as explaining to others when you are busy that you will talk with them later and that you are trying to get some work done. This can be done by simply explaining to your co-workers that you are in the middle of a project and that you need to get the project done soon. Or, you can say something to the effect, “Can’t talk now but I will get back with you during or after lunch.” Keep in mind; a co-working space is a place in the office where people share information with each other; so always keep this in mind and be professional.

It is also important in a Washington co-working space DC to get to know your co-workers. Getting to know your co-workers will help keep the flow of work going smoother. In addition, knowing your co-workers will also help everyone get their work done faster and in a more productive way. Talking during a lunch break or a few minutes after work, are just two ways this can be achieved. Keep in mind; even though a co-working space is a great way to network, the main focus in any office space is to be productive.

No matter if you have your own working space or if you share your space with someone else, there are things you can do that will help you work more efficiently such as plan your work. Nothing makes work go better than having a plan. By being prepared and knowing what needs to be done, you will not only be more efficient but you will get things time more efficiently. Something else that may help is to finish every activity you start. When you begin an activity or project but don’t get it done, stress begins to build inside and it may prevent you from working on other projects because your mind will still be on the initial project.

In addition, it is also important to focus your attention on activities that are the most important, activities that need to be done at a certain time during the day. Make a list of the activities that you need to do during the day and list them according to how important they are. By making and maintaining a list and checking off each one that gets done, you will be more productive and efficient.

Working in a co-working space can be a wonderful opportunity; however, it can also be distracting and unproductive. To ensure that your co-working space goes well, follow one or more of the above suggestions and enjoy your co-working space! Find out more about co-working spaces from the Internet.

How to transform your basement into an office space     

Do you want to transform your basement into that ideal office space?


Below are tipped which can assist you with your creative home ideas and shared office space with your family.

  1. Assess the basement and do a thorough inspection.

    By doing this, you will be able to know if the basement will fit office furniture and which one are good. Which business equipment you will use, for instance, which lines of communication to use that will enable you to access internet very fast. The safety of your basement is also a key thing to consider for your peace of mind. Ensure there are windows or doors for an emergency exit and check the floor and roof for any possibility of water leakage. You can hire a contractor to inspect your basement before you start any renovations. Fix thoroughly everything before moving in.

  2. Avoid noisy areas.

    Make sure you add a wall to prevent noise from areas such as a playroom as noise can hinder you from concentrating on your office work.

  3. The entrance.

    If you will receive clients in your office make sure the basement entrance is separate from the entrance that your family members will use for privacy purpose. You wouldn’t like your clients to pass through your living room, would you? Ask an architect for assistance just to make sure you meet the right building codes.

  4. Make sure you have functioning lights.

    Use lighting that will make your office warm as the basement is one of the most unfavorable places to set an office if there are no lights. Use high quality is functioning lights that will be inviting for your clients. Also, consider setting up a window that will provide natural light and fresh air.

  5. Check for connectivity.

    It will help you in knowing how well your computers and fax machine will access the internet and check where to place electric wires and how to connect them. Consider where to place the sockets by ask for an Assistant from an electrician and how many of them you need. Other things to consider is the power supply and where to put devices. Make sure you have power supply alternatives in case of an emergency blackout.

  6. Add a bathroom and a kitchen.

    Is mostly advised because of your clients and you too. Remember you want to have privacy by not letting you client access the rest of your house. Will make your clients feel comfortable in your office. Use the kitchen to prepare tea for your clients and easy access to clean water.

  7. Use a humidifier.

    Think of ways that will make your office comfortable by adding a humidifier so that you can feel relaxed.

Use the above tips and you will have an office that you will be comfortable being in and give you an excellent working environment.

How to Decorate your Office Space to Help You Focus

Tips For Your New Office Space


No matter what the size of your office is, the interior makes a lot of difference when it comes to productivity. A well decorated and properly organized interior certainly helps you focus more. There are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration while you are planning to decorate your office space. Here you will get some of the decorating ideas which would help you increase your productivity.

Sitting Arrangements

Sitting arrangements is a very crucial aspect. You would not want to get often distracted while you are working. And at the same time, you would like to feel comfortable sitting in one place for a long time. The following points should be considered:

  • In order to make sure that you eliminate the distracting factors as much as possible, try not to place your table and chairs near the windows. Outside activities can cause real distraction.
  • Make sure that the chairs are comfortable and offer support to the back and neck. Any discomfort in this aspect can lead to loss of focus


You need to be precise when it comes to the lighting arrangements. It is, needless to say, why it is necessary to have a proper lighting arrangement. Here are some tips you need to keep in mind

  • Go for the traditional lights, they are far brighter than the fancy ones.
  • It is crucial to install them in the right areas.

Example for Workstations:

  • One more important point that needs to be mention in this context is the fact that there should be a sufficient amount of lights.
  • Arrange for emergency lights in case there is a power failure. You cannot expect your employees to focus in the dark.

Use of Space

If you have a small office, even then you can use the available space quite effectively. A congested office space can cause a lot of distractions. Arrange the workstations in such a manner that you enough room to move around comfortably. Some of the ways to do so include:

  • Choose furniture which are less space consuming and has more storage options.
  • Don’t opt for large or huge sized equipment as these will eat up the space.
  • Choose light colored furniture as they will give a space feel.
  • An interior decorator to help you out with the arrangements.

Apart from these, there are numerous other factors that need to be considered to decorate your office space for better focus. Interior decoration certainly has a significant impact on your performance.


Are accessories important when decorating your home?interior-ideas-amusing-window-curtains-and-drapes-ideas-by-floral-valance-and-gray-blind-on-the-glass-windows-feat-brown-chairs-and-brown-wooden-table-on-the-brown-rug-beautiful-window-curtains-and-dr

Yes, accessories are a must have when decorating your home. Because they are often the focal points of a room or what people’s eyes first focus on in when entering a room. Think about your windows shades, by decorating them you can give any space in your house and create a peaceful space for your home office space; extra privacy and control of much sunlight is brought into a room.

Who is the best person to hired when you are ready to decorate your home?

  • Interior decorating can be overlooked as a skill.
  • Interior designers get precious about creating spaces.
  • Architects focus on creating form and function.

All of these features are vital to any interior design, but there is still the finishing touches skill that is the icing on the cake of these designs, and the ability to do this with expertise requires enormous talent.

There is a lot of banter about the design industry qualifications, standards and people passing themselves off as designers when they aren’t. It is very difficult when a lot of countries don’t have the design industry regulated. For qualified individuals to compete in an industry with others passing themselves as something they are not, can be a little frustrating at moments, but at the end of the day a business or consumer hires an unqualified designer, they will start a project that might be too big for them and after that they will have to employ a qualified person to facilitate it and manage what they do have the skills in.

If you know the person that you want to hire doesn’t have a degree, but, it does have an explicit background and great reviews from people that you know then, give it a shot! There is nothing wrong with hiring people that didn’t have the opportunity to go to school, but, if they are continually improving their techniques on their own, why not?. At the same time, if the person you are looking to hire doesn’t have the experience you need. It might be a little hard for he or she to understanding; what you want, need and what you must have, when decorating your home.

Hiring someone inexperienced in the decorating industry, it doesn’t mean that is the right option. Think twice! At the end of the day is your decision, so go with your goats.

4 Tips for Finding Affordable Office Space in Washington DC


7027596629_1b17209fa6By virtue of being the seat of power in the world’s largest economy and, of course, the most powerful country you would rightfully expect office space in Washington DC (here) to be hard to find and also very expensive. However, this is only true if you do not know where and how to look. The following 4 tips will help you find the best and most affordable office for your business in Washington DC.

  1. Take your time to do research

Regardless of whether you are a resident of Washington DC or you are new here you should take time to gather enough information. Don’t just go out and rent a space blindly as you will most likely get a bad deal. Take the time to ask around from friends and also from your clients. You may even find one that has an office space and willing to rent it out to you at a good rate by virtue of their relationship with you.

  1. Consider office sharing

Shared – virtual office in DC; is not as bad as you may think as it will save you a lot of money since you will be sharing the rent with someone else. If you only need space for one or just a couple of people then office sharing would be a great idea. It does not make any economic sense to go out and rent a large office that you will barely utilize.

  1. Forget the city center

Just like most other cities in the US and also in other parts of the world, the offices at the city center cost a lot due to the huge demand. If you are looking for a good but affordable office then you should forget the city center. Washington DC is a very big city and so just because you are not in the city center it does not mean that your business will not do well. The further you go away from the city center the more affordable the prices get. You will also be in a better position of finding the right office size within your budget away from the city. Finding an office will also be faster since the demand is not as high as the city center.

  1. Use the services of an expert

An expert is probably your best shot at finding the office that you want and at your desired rate. Experts engaged in real estate know the properties available in the market and so it would be easier for them to find something that suits you. The little money you pay them for their services is nothing compared to the savings you will make in the long run by getting an affordable office space.

When Redecorating Your Home…..


Replace Your Vertical Blinds

When it was time for me to replace my vertical blinds, I over stress myself looking for the most inexpensive price and the best look. Since, vertical window blinds can be tricky sometimes, from picking the right color, to the right fabric, size and pricing. So, here are some tips types of blinds your should think about when looking for office idea:

  • Fabric and Starch.-

Grab some fabric that you absolutely love and don’t forget that to think about “how much sunlight you would like the fabric to filter through?”. A white sheers or some white gauzy fabric can be a great option! Then, cut the fabric into strip base on the width and length from your currently window blinds. Give them some starchy look to add more sharpeners to your decor.

  • Sheer.-

Adding some sheer to your current window shades can be more than enough for a quick change of look. Plus, your window shades will drape, fabulous!

  • Home Depot.-

Home Depot-Window Treatments it’s a great place to get your new vertical blinds, they cost approximately $50 and they come eight to night in a package, so you want to buy two – three packages.P16685155

  • Wood Blinds.-

Wood blinds are a great option, mostly for your office space. Since, they bring a softer, organic look to your windows and home. Not only that, I love them because they tend to filter light, as they are not generally opaque.

  • Curtains.-

Dealing with some shapes or windows can be a dilemma, mostly if you have a bay window shape, with sliding glass. Make curtains your must have! Just measure the height and width of your door, add some extra inches for a seam allowances.

Custom Windows Blinds – VA Directory



The best choices for window shading, treatment and blinds in Northern Virginia Area.

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